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Being an EMCO Energy customer makes me feel good because I'm supporting our local community. I'd rather see utility company revenue helping Alberta based innovation than sent out of the country.

- EMCO customer, Calgary, AB *name hidden for privacy

EMCO is an Alberta non-profit, environmentally friendly boutique energy, natural gas, and internet service provider. What makes EMCO unique is how it reinvests 100% of its revenue back into the local community. Signing up with EMCO helps fund local businesses, non-profits, education and tech innovations with the intention to empower our local community.

EMCO is owned by the Generating Opportunities Technology Foundation (GO), a Calgary based non-profit organization built on a social enterprise model. Being a non-profit, GO invests all the revenue generated from initiatives, like EMCO, into new opportunities and technologies that will create a positive social, environmental and economic change.

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